Evolution 360 Water Pit Series - HPC


The HPC Evolution 360 Water Pit Series

Imagine yourself enjoying a fire that is surrounded by running water. HPC has been selling the ambiance of fire through being the leader in Fire Pit Inserts for many years offering a wide range of shapes, sizes, and technologies. Complement a fire by adding the elegance and soothing sound of a shear, running water. This water pit series was develop as turnkey, self-contained water system that is universal, robust, and is cost effective - thus evolved HPC’s new Water Pit Insert. The Evolution 360 Series - is HPC's first in a line of Water Pit Inserts.

fire pit - water and fire

The Evolution 360 fire/water pit can be installed on almost any patio, in residential or commercial settings - with no pond or pool needed! This fully assembled, stunning plug-n-play fire pit system comes ready to install.  Simply level the water pit then connect water, electricity, and gas. Finally, enclose with stone, veneer, stucco, etc. to match your patio décor. The operation of the unit is even simpler - 3 switches control the water, LED lights, and fire pit. The Evolution 360 is made of durable, weather resistant, black polyethylene and engineered to last.

The Evolution 360 Series has won two Vesta Awards at the HPBExpo for Best Outdoor Hearth Product and Best in Show!

Evolution 360 Features:

  • Electronic Ignition Fire Feature
  • Hidden blue LED lights illuminate the water
  • Auto fill system adds water when needed
  • Low level sensor protects pump
  • Reusable, easy-to-clean filter conditions water
  • Energy-efficient water pump moves 3,200 gallons of water per hour
  • Flexible height adjustment and leveling
  • Made of durable, weather-resistant polyethylene for long life
  • Overflow feature allows water to escape safely.

Controls: Fully controlled with Wall Switch or optional Remote Control (sold separately- #578-G4):

  • Separate Operation of Fire
  • Separate Operation of Water
  • Separate Operation of Lighting

BASIN: 52" diameter; 14-18" adjustable sidewall height overall; 19" to tower top; 10" diameter tower flange to mount centerpiece; center tower supports most water features.
FLAME: Flame sensing electronic ignition with 12" round burner at 90,000 BTU.
WATER: Uses softened tap water (50 gallons).
WEIGHT: Dry – 125 lbs.; wet – 460 lbs.; maximum additional weight that can be added to basin floor – 200 lbs.; tower load – 100 lbs. max.
ELECTRICAL POWER: 120 VAC; control unit via switches on unit (included) or option of external switches; one each for fire, water, and lights.
GAS FOR FIRE PIT: Natural gas – 3.5-7" WC or LP; 8-11" WC.

Model # / Description
WB52R-TEMP360-HWI-LP- Copper 360° water effect, Electronic ignition fire, LP Gas
WB52R-TEMP360-HWI-NG- Copper 360° water effect, Electronic ignition fire, Natural Gas
WB52R-TEMP4-HWI-LP- Copper 4-scupper water effect, Electronic ignition fire, LP Gas
WB52R-TEMP4-HWI-NG- Copper 4-scupper water effect, Electronic ignition fire, Natural Gas



water-pit-1.jpg water-pit-2.jpg water-pit-3.jpg


Copper Fire Bowl Water Pit Insert -
Includes Basin, 26” Copper Water Bowl fitted with CSA
Certified Electronic Ignition Fire Pit (13SS90HWI), and Lava Rock







  • Outside Diameter - 52”
  • Height - 14”-18” Adjustable Side Wall Height
  • Tower - 10” Diameter Flange to Mount Centerpiece


  • Copper Fire Bowl: Dry-140lbs; Wet - 532lbs
  • Copper Planter Bowl: Dry - 117lbs; Wet - 492lbs
  • Water Basin Only: Dry - 82lbs; Wet - 460lbs
  • Additional Load - Basin Floor - 400lbs max; Tower Load - 100lbs max


  • Softened Tap Water Only - Minor Conditioning Needed
  • Capacity - Unit Holds 50 Gallons (Less w/Water Rock)
  • Water Pump - 3,200gph Standard (Higher Rates Available)


  • 120VAC; 3 External Switches Required


Water Rock

Use these beautiful water rocks to add a touch of elegance to your Evolution 360. Simply line the basin floor with rock. 2-4” in size and available in polished black, tan, and red; and unpolished gray. Three bags required for basin.

Model # Rock Color Size     Weight / Bag MSRP
957-BLK Black 2-4" 55lbs $210.10
957-TAN Tan 2-4" 55lbs $210.10
957-RED Red 2-4" 55lbs $210.10
957-GRAY Gray 2-4" 55lbs $210.10