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Outdoor gas heater: With top quality performance and the stylish looks to match Brushed stainless steel and a ceramic medium, the Platinum Smart-Heat™ Gas is suitable for the most exclusive outdoor environments.
Tinted ceramic transforms an otherwise obtrusive red glare emitted by traditional tiles into a soft glow, enhancing the overall heating experience and ensuring an even distribution of heat by the heater. Directional ceiling or wall mounts can also provide greater positioning, versatility and heat coverage.

outdoor patio gas heaters - platinum smart heatPERFORMANCE AND THE LOOKS TO MATCH

The brushed stainless steel and ceramic medium makes Platinum Smart-Heattm Gas suitable for the most demanding commercial or outdoor home environments.

By protecting the tiles behind its translucent ceramic medium, effective heat is guaranteed in winds of up to 18km/h.


One or multiple gas heating units can be switched on and off simultaneously - from a single remote-located switch.

    •  Electronic ignition at the touch of a button
    •  Wind resistant – burners protected behind translucent ceramic medium
    •  Even and comfortable heat distribution


Tinted Glass-Ceramic Fascia
Spread heat evenly across a large area while emitting an equally soft,  comforting, red glow.

Environmental Efficiency
Slow-release ceramic burners are supremely efficient and the most environmentally-friendly gas-fired heating method available.

Elegant & Unique Design
Make your heater a feature or have it blend seamlessly into
the background, thanks to a beautiful and elegant design.

Unrivaled Coverage
Project comfort evenly across a wide expanse while reaching deeply into open areas.

Patented Direct Ignition System
Instantaneous ignition, whenever you require it, without the need for a pilot light.

Premium Construction
Exceptional engineering and premium materials provide reliable performance and durability.

Ultimate Wind Resistance
Innovative patented technology ensures reliable function in wind speeds up to 11 mph.

Set and forget
Simple and easy to use, with smart system compatibility and automated re-ignition.


Model 300 Series 500 Series
Part Number LPG1,2 2620130-1 2620140-1
Natural Gas1,2 2620131-1 2620141-1
Heat Output 23,600 BTU 39,800 BTU
Approximate area heated 160FT² 215FT²
Gas connection 1/2” NPT Female 1/2” NPT Female
Rated current 110V/2A 110V/2A
Dimension (WxDxH) 22.1” x 16.6” x 15.9” 29.8” x 16.6” x 15.9”
Min. distance to combustiable materials2 (without heat deflector)2

(with heat deflector)2

Side: 36”(3’)
Above (to ceiling): 36”(3’)
Above (to ceiling):  14”
Weight 45Ib  54Ib

1Must only be installed by a licensed technician. Must complete “Pre-Installation Checklist” before installing

2The temperature will not exceed 14.9°F above  the ambient temperature at specified distances.

Please consult material manufacturer for temperature ratings and suitability. Bromic Heating takes no responsibility for material compliance.


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